TripAdvisor Review – September 2014

“An enchanting place.”

The Manoir du Bocage is a little piece of Heaven. Beautifully restored, in perfect taste, it provided our family with a wonderful and memorable holiday experience. Aged from 67 to 2 years old, the manor had something for everyone in our family. I cannot think of anything better than sitting in the sunshine by the lake, embracing the silence, broken only by the occasional fish emerging for a quick snack, the surface of the water a carpet of water lilies. Magnificent trees surround the house at a short distance, the grounds carefully landscaped and maintained, and edged with wildness areas, creating a satisfying balance between nature and human influence.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this gorgeous home to anyone seeking peace and tranquillity during their holiday. The D-Day beaches, the village of Fervaques and the towns of Lisieux, Bayeux and Honfleur, among other locations, are within easy reach for supplies and visits, and, of course, the wonderful countryside of Normandy is all around to enjoy. Madame Chaumont, the housekeeper, is good-humoured, very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Worth more than 5 stars!